Build Together.

Swift India Conference is an international community gathering about the latest advancements in Apple technologies. The event is about bringing together talent from all around the world to collaborate and share advanced knowledge and techniques to improve App Development for Apple platforms. Join us online on November 2020 for a two-day conference.

Meet Our Speakers

We are happy to bring together the best-tech minds to take you through the next frontiers of innovation and technologies. Swift India Conf 2020 promises multiple niche and deep-dive sessions on Apple's new technologies, design standards, industry best coding-standards, platforms, and the impact of the technologies in business. More speakers will be announced in coming weeks.

Bhagat Singh

iOS Engineer, PhonePe

Alpana Negi

Senior iOS Engineer, PayPal

Ragunath Jawahar

Mobile App Consultant

Anu Mittal

iOS Engineer, Circles.Life


Indie iOS Engineer

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